Holidays – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to receive gifts for my child(ren).
Please visit for all the information you’ll need and to begin the registration process.

I’m having trouble uploading my proof of benefits documents.
Be sure you are uploading a PDF format file (file name will end in .pdf).

How do I get a PDF copy of my proof of benefits?
In most cases, a Notice of Decision from DFCS or DHS can be obtained via Gateway. After logging in you should be able to navigate to Documents and click on Notice of Decision. The downloaded document will generally be named ‘accesscontroller.pdf’

Can I bring my proof of benefits with me?
NO! Due to Covid19 safety concerns, we will not be able to register anyone onsite. All registration and ordering must be done online.

I registered online but haven’t heard anything yet.
Please be sure to check your junk / spam folder, as our messages often get sent there unfortunately.

If you registered using the downloaded copy of your Notice of Decision from Gateway, our system is generally able to review that document to ensure it includes all required information which includes: parent / guardian name match, child’s name and dates showing current coverage.

If you registered using a screenshot of any kind, these must be downloaded and reviewed manually. With thousands of registrations and only a few staff able to review documents, these take a great deal of time. We do our best to review and provide a response within two weeks.

Where / when will I get my child(ren)’s gifts?
On Nov. 10th we announced a new partnership with the YMCA of Metro Atlanta to help us safely distribute ordered gifts from 25 participating locations. Distribution locations are being assigned by the zip code you provided when you registered and details including your pick-up location and date(s) will be emailed to you by Nov. 30th.

All orders placed on or after Thanksgiving Day will be fulfilled from our warehouse in SW Atlanta.

I am unable to pick up my child(ren)’s gifts. Can someone pick them up for me?
Yes. Please send the authorized representative with a photo of your driver’s license and we will release the gifts to them. They will also need a photo ID for our records.

Something is incorrect on my registration / order.
Email the corrections that need to be made to

I need to add a child.
To add a child, please go through the registration process again using the same exact email address and it will attach those children to your family registration / order.

Proof of Benefits

Please see the below list of acceptable forms of proof of benefits.

Proof of Benefits MUST:

– Be uploaded as a PDF document. Login to Gateway or contact a case worker to obtain a PDF copy.
– Show CURRENT coverage
– Include the child’s name AND the parent/guardian name and those names must match the names submitted via the registration form.

Medicaid / SNAP
Notice of Eligibility Decision
(View Sample)

SSI/Disability Income
SSI Benefits Verification
(View Sample)

Foster Care
Placement letter from DFCS / approved agency
(View Sample)

Childcare and Parent Services
CAPS Certificate
(View Sample)