We Help Nonprofits Do More for Less

Like-minded nonprofits can stretch every dollar spent on things kids need.

Helping kids in need is expensive. So we’ve created a way to help synergestic nonprofits double, triple or even QUADRUPLE the value of every dollar spent on things kids need which will allow you to help even more.

If your organization serves disadvantaged children in metro Atlanta, you can apply to become an ESF Nonprofit Procurement Partner (NPP) which will allow you to take advantage of our bulk goods procurement power.

NPPs will be given access to our online store where you can purchase a wide-variety of items kids need, including school supplies, toiletries, books, clothing and even toys and gifts, at a fraction of their retail price.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We just want to help as many kids as we can and we know that the most efficient way to do that is to partner with synergistic organizations like yours.

You Down With NPP?

Yeah you know me.

Not So Fast...

Still unsure? We get it! It sounds too good to be true so you need a little more info. No problem. Send us an email and we’ll tell you everything you need to know and then some.